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  1. Akathisia is a common extrapyramidal effect of neuroleptic and antipsychotic drug therapy. Symptoms can develop within a few weeks of starting or raising the dose of traditional neuroleptic medications or of reducing the dose of drugs used to treat extrapyramidal symptoms. Segen's Medical Dictionary. © Farlex, Inc.
  2. Although unlikely, the clinical impact of akathisia might have been underestimated. From the Cambridge English Corpus Tied for fourth as most prevalent diagnoses were a medication-induced movement .
  3. Akathisia is defined as an inability to remain still. It is a neuropsychiatric syndrome that is associated with psychomotor restlessness. The individual with akathisia will generally experience an intense sensation of unease or an inner restlessness that usually involves the lower extremities. This results in a .
  4. Akathisia is a disorder characterized by a subjective report of inner restlessness with an inability to sit still, relieved by moving about. The patient usually has repetitive movements, which involve primarily the legs and trunk, that occur predominantly when the patient is sitting.
  5. Akathisia is classified according to its degree or state. Rating scales can help assess the degree of akathisia, which also provides both objective and subjective information about the condition. The term "akathisia" was coined by neuropsychiatrist Ladislav Haskovec, .
  6. Mar 21,  · How to Treat Akathisia. If you're taking psychotropic medications and develop feelings of restlessness, don't simply dismiss the changes. Akathisia is a side effect of medication that's characterized by depression, anxiety, and the need 68%(10).
  7. Jun 13,  · Akathisia, or acathisia, is a movement disorder in which patients experience inner restlessness, the urgent need to constantly move, and the inability to stand still or sit for a reasonable amount of time. This may cause the person to rock while sitting or standing, or lift their feet as if marching on the spot.
  8. Akathisia is well-documented in the scientific literature as a common side effect of many psychiatric drugs (for more on this, visit PubMed and search “akathisia”). However, often when this symptom arises—especially during psychiatric drug withdrawal—people find that physicians will diagnose them with new conditions like “restless leg.
  9. Define akathisia. akathisia synonyms, akathisia pronunciation, akathisia translation, English dictionary definition of akathisia. n the inability to sit still because of uncontrollable movement caused by reaction to drugs. Akathisia - definition of akathisia by The Free Dictionary.

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